Hospital design is full of inefficiencies, namely poorly located amenities and facilities that require traveling all over the hospital complex to receive medical care. This travel is an abundant waste of patient and staff time and energy, In order to increase efficiency, it is best to first remove inefficiency. To alleviate  this, designers can locate facilities that relate together to close proximity with each other shortening travel distance, and wait times. This will both benefit communication between divisions and streamline the patients path through treatment. Other ways to boost efficiency through design is to arrange short term, day long treatments on the ground floor as to keep short visits contained away from areas where rest and calm are beneficial to recovery.  A simplified layout is easier for both staff and patients to navigate, as well as having the psychological benefit of reducing frustration. The common theme with improving hospital efficiency through design is to reduce the distance between linked services. This also has the added benefit of reducing risk of injury due to trips and falls, reducing insurance costs of the hospital while keeping the same number of staff.

Some hospitals have embraced more technological solutions by installing simple, user friendly, automatic check in kiosks that can be linked to a web version allowing patients can plan there check in ahead of arrival greatly reducing the initial time waiting for treatment. Another key use of technology being widely implemented is the conversion to digital medical records. By allowing patients to take control of there own healthcare, this can free up the trained healthcare workers to work on other tasks more suitable to their skills and training.


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